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1/9/11 05:52 pm - Two very short drabbles from Snupin chat, both G

Author: Curiousqity
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and Co. are the creation of J. K. Rowling.
Warnings: none

Drabbles under cut )

6/17/09 09:27 pm

I have two three DW invite codes. Takers?

5/22/09 01:11 am

Late as always, but I'd really like to know: My thread on


5/19/09 10:12 pm

I have Dreamwidth, and it is up and running. Thanks, Ellie!

However, I'm not doing much with it at the moment. I think I'm a little burnt out from all the journal additions. I started with Lj, and then there was GJ, then Fandom Forums, then IJ, and now this. Enough already, no more moving.

Will be crossposting anyway. For now. I really need to back up my fic.

4/15/09 11:40 pm - Fic recs

Was chatting online tonight and went through my links and made up a list of favourite fics for someone there, by no means everything, but I thought you all might enjoy it too, so here it is. )

4/13/09 05:36 pm - Fic rec

Sometimes I really regret my personal policy of not reccing works-in-progress; waiting for each update for this one tried my resolve to the utmost. But! The wait is over. Ocotillo_dawn has finished her fantastic original novel-length slavefic The Violet and the Tom, tag index here.

In what might have been the middle ages, had neither Alexander the Great nor Jesus the prophet died, the Greek State is a powerful economic force in southern Europe, and slavery is a profitable and well-entrenched social institution. Nygell, a Lord of the Northern Isles, is given the gift of a Grecian slave by the King. Nygell wants no such responsibility.

93,000 words, institutionalized slavery, D/s, Bondage, pain. Specifics constitute spoilers, but not intensely violent, no extreme squicks (no necr./scat./best./depressing endings). References to minors, but no direct scenes.

From the author's note following the fic, it appears as though some editing may be done in the future, but the story has both an ending and an epilogue, and I can wait no longer to reccommend it.

In other news, in the absence of available raisins for ants-on-a-log (celery and peanut butter), jelly works just as well. Strawberry jelly anyway, haven't tried any others.

3/6/09 01:14 am - Decorative Rope Bondage

So I went looking for shibari clips on Youtube, and found some real gems.

Ballet Asanawa - Shibari/Japanese rope bondage by Esinem
The costuming is a little overdone, and I've never been fond of obvious makeup in any situation, but it makes sense soon enough. It's not about teh hotness, so much. It's just beautiful, in toe shoes, and to my uneducated eyes, very French. It's tasteful, and all the bits are covered, but I'd say it's NWS because of the subject matter. Probably a given, I suppose, but some of the following feature only rope, and could just as well be tutorials for Boy Scout knotwork. I find them fascinating, and will probably be incorporating the one of the pendants into my jewelry-making. Very celtic.

Rhetorical question: Why are all the models female? I want some MEN in bondage.

A series of tutorials by Two Knotty Boys: very clear, nice lighting, and slow enough to follow: Youtube appears to display favorites in the order added, so here's the ones I liked best, and many of the others are archived on these two channels. For more, look for "TBK" or "2KB" in the Related Videos panel, or download as wmv files from their website. Their galleries are a sight to see also. It's all-female, but oh-so-exquisite.

I have a serious phobia about facial hair, which can be a problem anytime I get into anything visual with real people as opposed to fictional ones in BDSM. It's a major squick - something in me just reels back and sqeaks "Eww!" Even tiny goatees set it off, although not as badly as full beards. Bad personal history there.

3/5/09 02:49 am - WiP meme

Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence!

- They stopped before a fork in the road, and one fate turned her dark head to the other, her eyes troubled.

- “Even you, Severus Snape, the most argumentative of my patients ever—” She tied off the dressing and secured it with a charm, “—aren’t going to leave here until tomorrow morning at the earliest, because whatever excrement they’d been feeding you in that place isn’t fit for a misbehaving crup.”

- His quiet voice grounded her, guarded her from the accusing what-ifs.

- Mobs, he’d learned, possessed a distinctive scent: An intoxicating blend of anger, bloodlust, and adrenaline.

- He hadn't had time to clean up, and there were hippogryff feathers in his hair, which hung down to obscure his sunken cheeks.

3/4/09 12:00 am



I signed up! Sort of. It's informal for now, which means I'm not really committed and can back out, but this counts for something, right?

I normally avoid fests, because I get panicky about deadlines and freeze up, but this way I can get a significant portion of the fic done before the formal sign-up - which for me means beta-ready, and panic shall not be an issue. Also, I loved their FAQ.

Option #1:

6500 / 20000 words. 33% done!

and Option #2:

2000 / 20000 words. 10% done!

I haven't settled on one or the other just yet, but I'm leaning heavily toward Option #1 right now - I've a better idea where the story's going, and it already has smut.

Some of us need bunnies. Our bunny post is here. Pretty please?

8/24/08 12:17 am - Snupin drabble: Untitled, G

Fluffy drabble for kitty bunny stolen (with permission) from Dizilla and Rosy. )

8/22/08 09:48 am - Medical folk on my flist?

I've never broken any bones before, so I don't know what setting them looks like. I'd like to find a video about setting a broken arm so I can write a scene where Sirius fixes Remus up, because you know, broken bones a regular occurrence, and my personal canon often includes Sirius learning how to do it. Not becoming a mediwizard or anything, but fixing recurring injuries?

I looked on youtube, and the problem isn't that it isn't there, but there's a zillion videos of bones being broken, pins being pulled out, and casts coming off. Who commemorates this kind of stuff? Normally I have a pretty strong stomach, but after the second sensationalist bone-in-the-action-of-breaking video I tried to weed through in hopes of finding a bone being actually set, I nearly had to make a run for the toilet to commune with the porcelain god.

It's not that I'm being lazy and asking you all to do my research for me, but that the material I'm turning up along the way is making me just a little bit queasy. I have a feeling that the type of videos I'm looking for might be hard to find because putting how-to medical information in the hands of amateurs could be asking for a lawsuit. I'm kinda stuck here, and would like to avoid nightmares, if possible.

I found the University of Ottawa's page about applying casts, but it features non-injured models, and doesn't cover how one makes sure the bone heals straight.

So... if any of you know where I might find such a video, could you kindly point me in the right direction? I'd normally take this sort of question to little_details (and I did find their broken+bones tag, which was informative), but this isn't a case of "can't find, exhausted all other options" yet, it's just me wimping out.

Thank you!

8/10/08 04:24 pm

Omg, the newscaster on the olympics bicycling broadcast just said "Today the British Empire extends into China." Inflammatory much? People, tact? Ever heard of it?

8/8/08 05:46 pm - TV meme

From ericahpfa.

Bold all of the following TV shows which you’ve ever seen 3 or more episodes of in your lifetime. Bold and Italicize a show if you’re positive you’ve seen every episode of it. If you want, add up to 3 additional shows (keep the list in alphabetical order).

I *really* don't watch that much tv. )

7/27/08 07:46 pm - Audio fics?

So I finally got my new mic to work, and now I'm itching to make something. Would anyone be willing to let me make recordings of their fics?

7/14/08 12:58 pm - Lupin_Snape Fantasy Fest: Short Art Prompt #30, NWS

Title: Untitled
Artist: Curiousqity
Media: Ebony pencil on white copy paper.
Rating: R for subject matter, implied violence, no bits showing, NWS
Disclaimer: Characters depicted are both over 18 and belong to JKR.
Prompt: Short Art prompt #30 - Heavy s/D: sub!S, bondage, cruel R
Notes: I don't have a scanner, so I photographed this and then messed with it in Photoshop to get rid of the off colors, but it still doesn't look like the original. No photo references were used, just wooden posing dolls.


Link to post on lupin_snape

If someone has a decent scanner, I would gladly mail you the original for you to keep in return for a good digital copy. I shouldn't keep it at home, anyway - too incriminating. So long as you're in the US; I don't think I want to mail overseas.

7/8/08 02:31 pm - HP animation candidates?

In a chat last week on the IRC lupin_snape it was asked: If someone were to make an animated HP movie, which artist(s) would we nominate to take part, regardless of potentially racy online reputation. So... who would you nominate?

Links would be appreciated, since not everyone knows who all the artists are. Galleries are good, but examples of the artist's work are good also.

Note: I have absolutely nothing to do with film making, nor have I heard any rumours of HP animations in the works. This is purely for fun.

7/5/08 05:26 am - New printer

I have a new printer, yay! I was so tired yesterday; I spent two hours in the computer store talking to salespeople (and one really cute guy). I got an external (because I'm scared to open my computer) DVD player/burner, and a mic, but haven't played with either of them yet. I'm all gadgeted out. I got the printer working, and that's enough for now. I have at least twenty pages of various handwritten fics to type up, and I'm not liking the carpel tunnel that will result.

7/3/08 02:57 pm - More Information on the Neglecting of Flist

I'm still around, reading a lot, venturing into fic for other fandoms, some of which I've never seen/read the canon material for (not that that's unusual for me), and writing - a lot. You all, whom I love dearly, will probably not be seeing any of it for quite a while, because I edit on paper, and my printer has died an ugly death. Who knows when I'll get around to buying a new one?

I've got four different stories in the works, not counting the scraps in my files - my MANILA files. Yes, they're paper. The ones I count are the ones with some hope of making it to finished status. One of those stories is short enough that I can edit it on-screen and not go crazy, and has been sent off to beta. All bets are off, of course, because I tend to get stories back from betas and end up adding things, and if it gets too long it's gonna have to wait for the printer purchase, because crazy! Did I mention crazy?

The other three fics... months, at best. Didn't mean to get your hopes up or anything. Btw, I looked back on my journal, and the last fic I posted was October 2006, pre-DH.


7/3/08 02:14 pm - Canon Terms of Address

My dearest flist, whom I have neglected horribly, I need your help again. If Lupin were to visit Hogwarts as a guest (to avoid spoilery-type terms) post-PoA, how would Dumbledore address him, if he were speaking in front of the school?

Problem is, I know he'd normally address his (past and current) professors (or most people), by their first names, but what if he's being formal?

The scene in question, horribly cliched, but it's a draft:

All conversation ground to a halt when they entered, then resumed in not-so-discreet whispers. Dumbledore stood as they approached the High Table, his ancient face lined with sorrow.

"Mr. Lupin, welcome." For once there was no twinkle in the old man's eye. Remus shook his hand, knowing the entire hall could hear their exchange, for it had fallen silent once more.

"Thank you, Professor Dumbledore."

Opinions? I can't recall a scene in canon that would give me a clue, and I don't even know where to begin looking.

6/9/08 12:18 am - Audio fics

I want to record audio versions of my fics (and I would love to do other people's, if the authors want me to...), but I'm American. Perhaps this wouldn't be a problem, and I'd just read them in my hokey American accent anyway, but. I cannot, repeat, absolutely cannot read Harry Potter anything (or C.S. Lewis, for that matter) in an American voice. It sounds awful to me, and even if I start out sounding like me, I'll slip into something British-y. It's fun, but is it going to drive my imaginary UK listeners crazy - 'scuse me, mad - if I do that?

Much thanks to Diz and zephre for their advice on how to separate the audio from the video so I can use my camera for a microphone.
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